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    See you all tomorrow.

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    I think (for me) it would be pushing it, but doable. If I was fully fit, I'd be tempted to join you!
    Most of the downs link is very easy terrain, there are maybe 3 or 4 technical sections, mainly near the Stan's shack stop, but I think I already mentioned all that in the other thread. Certainly wouldn't take my eye off the path, but speedy progress is possible. Bit tired so having a weekend off the bike...
    Also there is generally good sharing etiquette between cyclists and pedestrians on there too, which somehow makes the whole ride more pleasant. Bit more tight and slow if you're riding the section between Kingston and Guildford too, but that is more of a moving picture postcard, so worth it for that.

    Also path was closed in Guildford, but easy way around via short road section, easy to see the way around...

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    Looks great Romain, the Downs Link was almost completely dry last Sunday even after a rainy Saturday, so shouldn't be too bad tomorrow.

    There is a closure near Southwater, so a little detour - worth keeping an eye for the small sign pointing this out ahead of the closure, so you don't end up going right up to the closure and have to turn back like I did (although I was going Brighton - London)!

    Temporary closure of the Downs Link at Southwater
    The Downs Link is closed to ensure pedestrian safety during the construction of Phases 1.6 and 3.1 of the Broadacres development. An alternative route is provided. The diversion runs between Worthing Road, Southwater heading south for approximately 1.5km.