Early morning East London Hills

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  • Junction of Forest Road and Woodford New Road
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  • @Jonny and I have done a few variations of this East London Hills route recently, a few hills that are closer to home than Swaines.

    I've invited those that I know to live nearby, but everyone is welcome to join us.


  • @DanM ... let me know next time you are planning to go, I might be able to join you.

  • What day of the week do you usually do this?

  • Thanks for the invite but it's too tight time-wise to do this route before work.

  • I struggled with it a bit to make it in, but if you peel off before Woodford gets swamped with traffic then it's ok. 28-29kmh average for the segment was the pace if I remember rightly.

    We've done it on Tuesday's but no set day really.

  • Looks like it'll be a cracking morning for it.

  • @DanM I did this earlier with a mate - such a nice spin out and back with little traffic. I'm not sure of plans next week but if time permits I'd be game.

  • @Jonny ... If you fancy East London hills tomorrow I am up for it. We can do a fast ride from 7am to 9am starting from the Velopark.

  • Alas @QG_Guido I will be on a train from 9am up to Penrith for a wedding. Very soon though - it's a nice route if you can miss the traffic. Hopefully there might be some other takers as an alternative to the other Saturday am ride.

  • Bah didn't think you were going out this morning so stayed in bed.

  • Hi, I am on for this tomorrow morning but can we leave from WP to open it up to others?

  • I won't be there tomorrow, but the reason for it starting out East is because those of us living that way don't want to make the 10 mile trek to WP only to come back again.

  • Yes we can ... let me see if I can plan a route that makes me to be back home by 9am.

  • My apologies , I did not have the time to work on a route. I'd like to propose to meet at 7am at the junction between Forest Rd. and Woodford New Rd. we can then proceed to Epping Forest where we can tackle those nice hills a few times. Speed 25-30kph for a total of 45-50km
    Please let me know if anyone is interested otherwise I will try join the RP laps at 7am.

  • Hi Guido, I hate doing this but I can no longer make it. Maybe see you briefly for RP. Guido (Guy)

  • Any chance of getting this moved to In The Saddle?

  • @alexD ... Sure ... Do you mean to start the thread in there or is a cleaver way to do so ? ... Rather new to the forum ... Sorry for that .

    @Guy ... No worries mate. Likely it will be RP at the end. Let's see

  • Should be able to get it moved, calling @Sir_Shannonball

  • In the saddle would be better. I just stumbled on this.There are quite a few members in walthamstow and one in Woodford,plus some are migrating over here soon.

  • @Markus ... Since it is not clear how many will attend let's postpone this ride to some other time. Let's also move this to in-the-seddle as suggested. Sorry for the confusion.

    I will head to RP today

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Early morning East London Hills

Posted by Avatar for DanM @DanM