An Introduction to Club Cycling - 3 July 2021

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  • Thanks everyone for a great intro ride today! Hope to see you soon on ICC rides 😊
    (For the ones who rode with me, yay, I managed to sort out my card fraud and went back out to get a solo coffee 😂)

  • Hello
    I’m trying to sign up to the Club but every time I try it says ‘the selected membership product is no longer valid because your details have changed’
    I’ve tried on both my phone and my laptop but it happens every time. Any idea on what I should try next?

  • Thanks for a great fun ride today - lovely to meet you all! I've emailed about joining the club. Cheers, Matthew.

  • Haha! I wish I could but I've never heard of that happening before. I won't get chance to process any membership applications before Monday so maybe give it a try tomorrow and see if you still have the same problem. We can add you in manually if the problem persists.

  • Haha no worries. I’ll try again and if not contact you next week.
    Thanks for an awesome cycle everyone!! It was really nice to meet you all :)

  • @SallyB hi there, just wondering when my membership application will be processed?

  • Hi, Sorry - work has gone mad this week (again! My whole team are in the middle of responding to ofwat on some governmental stuff that has a deadline of next week, every time we answer their questions they come back with more... but you don't need to know any of that!) I will hopefully get around to responding to all emails/membership applications tomorrow when I get a bit of breathing space.

  • Hi Sally, Not sure if you are still doing membership. I cant see when my membership expires and I wanted to continue it. Thanks for your work, Mike Jenn

  • Hi, not me any longer, you want @GeorginaH... she can sort you out, though you should get a few email reminders with a month or so to go before you need to renew.

  • Hi Mike, sure thing! If you drop me an email ([email protected]) it will remind me to check your expiry date next time I’m processing memberships. Thanks!

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An Introduction to Club Cycling - 3 July 2021

Posted by Avatar for Zac @Zac