An Introduction to Club Cycling - 3 April 2021

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  • Hi @FahadB

    We usually finish the intro ride near Woodman's Highgate, on the A1. Although I'm sure there will be some people going down towards Highbury after the ride.

    If you've got everything but a pump that should be fine!

  • I think you should be fine!

  • hi there, I'm keen to join this ride (Sat 3rd April 2021) if there's any dropouts etc?
    thank you,

  • Hi, if there are any dropouts I would also like to join this Saturday.
    Thanks, Theo :D

  • Hi @JonT and @Theo, if you check back over the next couple of days there may be openings. If any of us notice available slots we will get in touch.

  • Hi
    If you have any dropouts for the intro ride this Saturday 3rd I would like to be in the line to take part.

    Many thanks

  • Hi,
    If anyone drops from Saturday introduction ride I would like to be in the line to take part

    Giuseppe M

  • Hi, s I would also like to join this Saturday if there are any dropout.


  • Hi @aaronfranks @AlexGlassman @AndreaC @AndyGarland @AndyMee @Ashley:) @Christian_Jones @CourtneyBerg @Dylan8 @FahadB @Gez @Gilly1 @Grace_Li @Grant @HelenFox @JamesShuttleworth @Jason_Lin @jcurrie @JoshuaDomb @JTarn @Nathalie @nonajasmine @Olena
    @Patrick_Tarrant @Paul_D @SarahClay @Sirin @Sof88 @stewartjd @urusant @user110269 @user119429 @user122028 @user125838 @wcheung

    I hope you are all excited for the Intro Ride tomorrow morning, we're excited to have you along. Please try and make it on time as it is essential for the safety briefing, but there is no need to come early. The map at the top of this thread shows where exactly in Highbury Fields to go to.

    You will be split into groups of 6 as you arrive for the initial briefing in smaller groups rather than a large group for Covid rules compliancy. So please try to avoid congregating in one big group as you arrive. Do let us know if you have come with someone else or know someone else attending as we are happy to put you together.

    If you can no longer make it, could you please remove yourself from the event by clicking "Can't Make It" at the top, as this ride is currently fully booked and there are others waiting for a spot (if you book a spot but fail to attend we reserve the right to limit your future attendance).

    Let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you on tomorrow.

  • @user110269
    If you would be able to change your username to something a little more recognisable, it will help us greatly with managing attendance and membership processing. Thanks

  • Hi @Zac ,

    I've updated the username. Is it possible to have the route file so I can upload to the garmin for tomorrow?


  • Looking forward to meeting everyone! Coming with Michael Sidloff and David Segal, happy to ride with them in a group if it works!

  • Thanks Zac, looking forward to this and riding with everyone!

    I'm coming with @jcurrie and @wcheung - would it be possible to put us together?

  • I’m really looking forward to this! Thank you @Zac. I’m on my own so I’ll go anywhere!

  • Hi there, I'm coming with @Dylan8 could we be put in a group please?

  • All of you wanting to ride with friends, please allocate yourselves to groups and can everyone keep to groups of no more than 6s. If you are coming with friends please speak to other people as usually most new members come solo and being friendly is an important part of our club ethos.

  • Thanks I found a slot just now thanks! :)
    Will see you tomorrow!

  • Thanks All for a lovely ride today! Feel free to keep in touch on on the forum or Strava :)

  • Such a great intro to the club! Thank you everyone.

  • Indeed it was a good ride thanks!

  • Thank you so much for today. Excellent ride, lovely to meet everyone!

  • Thank you, managed to get May 1st to work so I'll be joining then instead. Thanks

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if we can join the club since we have now completed the intro ride?

  • Hi @Giuseppe if you sign up now here your application will be accepted as you should have been marked down as having attended by one of the ride leaders. You'll then receive a welcome email from our membership secretary with all the details you'll need to know about getting club kit, joining club rides, full forum access, etc.

  • I've now processed all applications based on the attendee lists from the weekend. If you came on this ride and have made a membership application but you haven't had an email from me, then please drop me an email - [email protected] and I'll try and get it sorted for you asap.

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An Introduction to Club Cycling - 3 April 2021

Posted by Avatar for Zac @Zac