Virtual Club 10 Time Trial (Next running Tuesday Evening 7pm)

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    CGN answering the point here.

    I've done the RGT Ventoux (Malaucene route) a couple of times and found it a bit easier than in real life, however that doesn't take into account I'd not just smashed up the Bedoin route first, and a nice cooling fan in no way replicates cruel headwinds.
    As long as your turbo is calibrated correctly and you've got your current mass set correctly in profile settings then I'd say its a pretty realistic simulation, time-wise. Setting your trainer's realism level to 100% will result in the same gearing, but even if you don't you'll still have to put out the same power to get up, just with less gear changing.

  • Interesting, thanks +RobT

    the gearing point is a good one - I was surprised that I was constantly riding 3-5 gears higher than I've ever done on a mountain. Your explanation makes sense.

    Might try the RGT Ventoux and Stelvio now...

  • I didn't really understand this so I googled and found this I think I am even more confused! Has anyone got a good analogy that might help?

    I'd like to think that having gone up Alpe du Zwift at least 5 times in the last few weeks I could do the real thing. But with my difficulty at the default setting of 50% I'm not so sure now.

  • Think of the lower difficulty setting as switching to a lower gear. There's less resistance in the pedals, but you go slower.

    I found my club TT time to be realistic for the amount of effort I was able to put in.

  • Running this again on Sunday at 10am

    Link to sign up is =­n6e6pa2

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  • Bump - 10am tomorrow if anyone wants to beat their time / set a time / smash out 500 approximately 500 calories in around 30 minutes

    Link to sign up is =­n6e6pa2

  • Current fastest time is 24 minutes and 8 seconds. Reckon you can beat that?

  • Basically the "difficultly" scales your gearing so if for example you're smallest gear is 36-25, reducing the difficulty is the equivalent of putting smaller gears on your bike. You'll still go at the same pace at a given power regardless of the difficulty setting. Convenient eh.

  • Are we just going with a mass-start?

  • Rob sorry didn't reply to this as already on my bike. Yes mass start. I'm happy to do a timed start proper TT if there's interest. We can do it via zoom at 1 minute intervals. I got a PB today but I'm fairly certain it was from getting a tow with people buzzing around me..!

  • Ha yes I was a bit mystified. I dropped myself behind the group at the first roundabout to make it a solo / TT effort. Was everyone else taking part people or were there some bots? Heading towards the far roundabout I met a group of 4 and group of 3 coming the other way!
    Definitely good fun though. Much easier on a turbo as no concrete road-gaps to bounce over. Knocked half a minute off my outdoor PB

  • Yes - I forgot to turn off the bots which if you happen to be the same watts/kg treat you like some sort of Chris Froome demigod team leader and attempt to deliver you to the finish line argh!

    I did the same though. Just let them go ahead of you. My PB now feels like a hollow victory as I couldn't help but draft stuck in the initial peloton. It has however given me a more difficult time to beat next time which is no bad thing.

  • It’s a marker to shoot at. I would have benefitted from an extra 15 minutes minutes warm-up; next time!
    I’d do this again, though I think a group-race format would be fun too, maybe Cap Formentor? Or NLH!

  • Cap Formentor is scheduled for Wednesday 7pm. The NLH was awful when I uploaded it to RGT and rode it so am trying to get it smoothed out.

  • ICC VIRTUAL CLUB 10 SCOREBOARD (updated 24 May 2020)

    Peter A - 24:08
    Steffan T - 24:40
    Victor S - 25:50
    Rob T - 25:54
    Sean W - 26:42
    Aidan F - 26:52
    Andrew C - 27:05
    Graham P - 34:28
    Adam R: 34:51
    James B: 35:12

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  • Time Trials - often called the race of truth - are a very accessible and affordable way to start racing. Riders simply aim for their personal best time for a certain distance of course.

    Some FAQs on time trials
    Time trials are very welcoming events. Anyone can pitch up and have a go, no matter whether you ride a high-tech machine or a regular road bike, if you're a junior or a veteran. So, why not you? 

    The Cycling Time Trials site is a great source of information and has a national calendar of races. Standard distances are 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles. (Obviously none at the moment)

    If you've never done a time trial before, here is a list of tips from Bike Radar. And there is also a how to ride your bike faster guide on the Resonance FM Bike Show, as well as a good introduction for total beginners on the Cycling Time Trials podcast (look for the 16 Nov 2014 episode)

    The next (virtual) time trial is on Tuesday evening (26 May) at 7pm on the RGT platform

    Sign up here -­9FstPLj

  • Sorry I missed today - knee deep in bank holiday DIY - I’ll hopefully be on the start line on Tuesday

  • Would there be any appetite for some sort of hill/mountain climb format in future? Or does that have to wait till hill climb season?

  • Jon I’m sure there would. I regularly do mountains on the turbo trainer but have never thought there would be much interest. Have you got one in mind? If so let’s arrange it.

  • We're doing a proper timed start for tonight's time trial via ZOOM.

    The link is below

    Topic: ICC 10 Mile TT / Staggered Start [DO NOT pedal until counted down]
    Time: May 26, 2020 06:55 PM London

    Join Zoom Meeting­VpcTZNb2JiQ0VWK0Fud0FNZz09

    Meeting ID: 995 3406 7646
    Password: icc

    Please ensure you are logged in to RGT and Zoom well before 7pm - RGT won't let you in if you're late..

  • Start times for this evening:

    Sign up here -­9FstPLj

    7.01pm - Aidan F
    7.02pm - Nick H
    7.03pm - Jordan C [MECHANICAL]
    7.04pm - Ed S
    7.05pm - Peter A
    7.06pm - Vaughan R [DNS]
    7.07pm - Helen F [DNS]

  • South Mimms Virtual TT Results - 26 May 7pm

    Peter A - 24:12
    Nick H - 24:30
    Ed S - 24:35
    Aidan F - 26:05
    Jordan C - MECHANICAL!
    Helen F - DNS
    Vaughan R - DNS

    So the updated scoreboard for the virtual TT course is as follows;

    Peter A - 24:08
    Nick H - 24:30
    Ed S - 24:35
    Steffan T - 24:40
    Victor S - 25:50
    Rob T - 25:54
    Sean W - 26:42
    Aidan F - 26:05
    Andrew C - 27:05
    Graham P - 34:28
    Adam R: 34:51
    James B: 35:12

  • Hey Sean - just wondering if we can take into account my bumped forward and hence late start? Only because my strava time is 23:58 and it's (sort of) my first sub 24 at South Mimms :p

    In all seriousness though, presumably the strava times are pretty accurate as they're exactly on the start/finish line? Makes timing easier in a way as you don't need to worry about start lists. Not sure what the TT purists would say however...

  • Thanks for organising again though - the pain faces on zoom really added an extra dimension!

  • Sorry I didn’t hang about after the race, had to jump onto another call. Thanks for putting it on again Sean

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Virtual Club 10 Time Trial (Next running Tuesday Evening 7pm)

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