Group Skills - 16 August

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  • Group Skills is a chance to learn and share our group riding skills so that we can ride together more safely, more sociably and with less effort. This is a great opportunity for current and prospective members to build on skills, especially for those unable to find a place in the Introductory Rides.

    If you are a prospective club member, completing this course will allow you to join ICC

    We will look at communication skills and formations such as pace line and two up, plus how to pace/lead the ride from the front and rotate being at the front.

    Note that we will adjust the level depending on the level of who shows up.

    If you know all this, come and share your knowledge and if you don't, come and take advantage of the sharers!

    If you are new to the club and wish to become a member you will need to complete either a Group skills or an Introduction to club cycling training session. Please make yourself known to the ride leader so they can confirm your attendance to our membership manager.

    Meet in the Regents Park Inner Circle, at the big gates opposite York Bridge.

    ICC Group Riding Guide

    Alec James (Committee Member for training and socials)

  • Hi! I would like to join this. My name is Charlotte Robson - do you need me to do anything else?

  • Nope, you’re all set! Look forward to having you :)

  • Hey guys,

    I want to join the club, and i understand i need to go throw this first. can i book a place?
    or do i need to pay first?

    i have sent an email, but no reply yet

  • Hi @user92567
    Simply mark yourself as ‘Attending’, and at the session your name and email will be taken and then you will be given information on the joining process. No payment needed until after the session if you decide you want to join.
    I’d also recommend changing your username to something more recognisable.

  • hi I have just paid my membership. I would like to complete the group skills. thanks

  • Welcome to the club @Johnk, please click on the 'Yes, I'm Attending' button at the top of this thread to bag your spot for this group skills session. Cheers, Mike

  • hi Mike thanks for your reply. I have confirmed my attendance. cheers John

  • hi - I'd like to give this a try and see how I get along riding with a club before signing up - do I need to do anything other than turn up on the evening ? thanks, N

  • @nickf Just click that you're attending at the top, that's it

  • Hi I have confirmed my attendance. Looking forward to it. I am looking to try this out before joining the club. I am still quite new to cycling, having started earlier this year and completed London to Paris and Ride London 100 this July. I now want to get out cycling more with a friendly group to improve my skill and speeds .....especially on hills!

  • That's great @Melissa_Conway, will see you there. This is intended to improve skills, so perfect - though no hills!
    Not sure if you're 'new' with London to Paris and ride100 already in the bag!

  • Good Afternoon, if there is anyone who can no longer make this session I would like to jump on to it. Thanks.

  • I can no longer make it, so my spot is now free

  • Great, thank you very much. Signed up.

  • Gentle reminder for tomorrow - if you can't make it anymore, please update your availability.
    Otherwise see you tomorrow!

  • @user92697 @user92643 @user91996 @user92243

    Can you please change your username to something more recognisable? It really helps with our admin if they aren't in number form.

    Thanks! See you tomorrow!

  • Apologies - tried in the past but hadn't saved it, had to choose a different one for it to save it..!

  • Hi, Are there any spaces left? If so i would like to attend tomorrow? Tx

  • Hi Lavinia,

    I'm afraid not. But sometimes people can't come at the last minute and drop out, so keep an eye on the counter at the top and click "i'm attending" if a space becomes available.

  • I've got to drop out; you can have my spot if you want.

    I'll aim for a later date.

  • Hey, thanks for the heads up and sorry you can’t make it. All signed up!

  • @NickCollings @Daniel.Gilsenan @OliCreese @CharlottehRobson @Gino_M @alex_s @EmmaHardy @AlexH @JoePaterson @Johnk @nickf @Matt.E @Mia @Melissa_Conway @Adam.G @Stan @Lavinia

    Hi all, just a reminder that we meet @ 18:30 at the main gates to the inner circle gardens opposite York Bridge. Look forward to seeing you all there tomorrow.

  • Hi All - I am so sorry for the last minute cancellation, but I am not able to attend. I have rebooked for a later session. If anyone wants my slot it is free

  • Just a quick note to say thank you to all those members who looked after us this evening - hope to see you again soon as well as those of you who came along like me to learn. N

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Group Skills - 16 August

Posted by Avatar for Alec @Alec