An introduction to club cycling - 04 August 2018

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  • Do you need help from existing members on this tomorrow?

  • We could do with one more @EugeneR

  • WP at 0815

  • I can't make tomorrow due to back pain. Hopefully will make another one asap! Will change my attendance now so please take it somebody!

  • Thanks! Hope your back gets better soon.

  • Looking forward to tomorrow’s ride. Is there a Strava route that can be linked by any chance?


  • Have interestingly got glass in my foot so going to have to join another day!

  • .

  • Gah I am all kitted up and ready to go but just as I was putting some last minute air into my tyres the inner tube valve tore! I'm not speedy enough to do a puncture repair in 10 minutes and get still get to you guys on time so I'll have to come along to the next one. Really sorry for the last minute cancellation.

  • I am now a paid up member.

    Please can I register for an intro ride at the next possible time.
    My name is: JoePaterson

  • Thanks everyone for coming today and good to meet and ride with you all. Look forward to riding again together soon. Your names will be sent to our membership secretary as completing the Intro Ride, so if you join (which is done through BC), then you will be approved and receive a welcome email with more info (such as getting club jersey).

    @EmmaHardy unlucky, maybe you can join a group skills session, the next one is next Saturday.

    @JoePaterson have you already completed an Intro Ride or Group Skills session? If so, then no need to join another intro ride, come along to a ride on Sunday.

  • Thanks all for joining indeed, perfect day for a ride!
    I've passed on all the names - apart from the lady in the second group who entered name at the Woodman - didn't save! Please shout out if it's you!
    Thanks Menno

  • Hi, will you be running an intro session again soon? Is the next on September? I would love to come along.

  • The next one will be Sept 1st - should be on the forum soon to sign up.
    If you want to do a session to become member, the Group skills will also qualify you and contain similar skills (bit more indepth than the intro ride) - next ones are August 11th & 16th, full list here (if this link works):­04/

  • Hey Menno, great to see you on Saturday. I signed up to the club after the ride on Saturday but am still to receive confirmation. Did you manage to send the details to the membership team of people that attended the ride? Would be great to get access to the full forum and get out on a decent ride with the club!


  • That's great to hear Andy, glad you enjoyed it and joined!
    I have passed it on, but will double check.
    Feel free to join on Sunday mornings or weekdays if not confirmed by then (8.30am sunday / 6.30pm tue-thu departures Whittington Park; you can join a few rides anyway to see if it's to your liking)

  • Thanks for the update Menno. I will wait to hear from +aidan regarding my membership and access to the full forum.

    I may join the ride this evening. How long and what pace do the weekday rides tend to be?


  • Hi Andy, i usually process membership applications and renewals twice a week. Unfortunately it looks like your application hadn't arrived in my inbox on Sunday morning when i last did some club admin. I'll be doing the next batch tomorrow night. You'll get your full welcome information then but in the meantime please feel free to join club rides. Sorry for the delay.

  • Hi Aidan, no problem at all. It was more for the ride this week and the forum access to why i was wondering.

    I will hopefully come along tonight. Do you by chance have any information on the rides that will leave whittington park this evening? Will there be cat B/C rides or is it usually only cat A for example?


  • I imagine there will be several groups but certainly a B pace group. Groups should always be at the pace of the slowest riders.

  • thank you!

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An introduction to club cycling - 04 August 2018

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