An introduction to club cycling - 06 January 2018

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  • 'An Introduction to Club Cycling' is a monthly ride run by ICC specifically for people who would like to try out the club cycling environment in a non-pressured and supportive group.

    You must be signed up for this event to take part. If you are not signed up here on the forum, you will not be able to participate. Details of how to sign up below.


    Unfortunately we cannot offer this session to complete cycling beginners as we are not teaching cycling proficiency. See below for information.

    If you are new to the club please make yourself known to the ride leader so they can confirm your attendance to our membership manager.

    1.You should have already been cycling regularly in some capacity and be confident cycling on London's roads.

    2.You should be familiar with your bike, its set-up and be confident riding it. If you've only just bought your bike, take it out for a couple of spins on your own to gain confidence before you join a group ride with us.

    3.You should have a moderate level of fitness already. Capable of riding 25 miles at an average speed of at least 12 mile per hour, with several steep hills and only brief stops. If you're not yet comfortable at that distance or pace please build up with solo rides before coming along.

    4.You should be interested in learning how to ride with a group, and open to improving your cycling skills and communication with other riders.

    We will cycle a 25 mile route and discuss group formation, signals, group communication.
    There will be a cafe stop at the end of our ride where we can discuss things such as endurance fitness, hill climbing and any other questions about the club. Depending on pace, we should get to the cafe stop in East Finchley between 11.30am - 12.30pm.

    If you wish to attend this session you need to sign up to the ride here on the Islington forum.
    Register as a user on the forum (please help us by creating an actual name rather than the default username) then click the 'Yes I'm Attending' button to confirm your attendance. If you see no places left, it is because the session is full. We do not maintain a waiting list so please keep checking back in case a place becomes available.

    Places are strictly limited - this is to ensure we can safely guide you on our route. Because of this, please do not attend this session if you have not signed up on the forum - you will be turned away.

    As with all club rides, you must wear a helmet to take part in this ride.

    Your bike must be in a good and roadworthy condition. Check your wheels are true, that your gears shift reliably and your brakes work correctly. Ensure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. Under-inflated tyres risk being punctured more easily.

    Spare inner tubes, tools and a pump. Other riders may help you if you are in trouble but you should be self-sufficient and at the very least be able to fix a puncture.

    We're only doing a short ride, so an energy bar or a banana will do for food. Make sure you start the day with a decent breakfast!

    Bring water, making sure that you can easily carry it with you on your bike.
    The weather can change quickly so make sure you have checked the weather report and dress appropriately (waterproofs/warm clothing when appropriate).

    Money for the cafe stop or in case of an emergency (you might be in a situation where you need to get a train or taxi home so bring enough cash or your cash card!)


    BIKE LOCKS. Please leave your heavy D lock at home! You will not need it on this ride.

    RUCKSACKS. You should be able to stuff all your things into jersey pockets or a saddle bag. Please aim to travel light.


    ALL RIDERS MUST observe the Highway Code AT ALL TIMES when riding with Islington CC. This includes: riding no more than two abreast and riding in single file to allow traffic to pass on narrow roads, obeying traffic lights and signs, not riding on pavements and not abusing other road users.
    Please acknowledge any courtesy shown to you by other road users and stop at pedestrian crossings where necessary.

    Riders attend club rides strictly at their own risk. Please listen to your ride leaders and follow their instructions.

    Looking forward to seeing you!

  • Hi đź‘‹, I so glad to have signed up for the 6th January 2018, intro ride.

    I haven’t received a responder confirmation email - is there a mobile contact number for the day ?

    Looking forward.

  • Hi Rosaleen @user83475 you won't receive a confirmation email but if your name appears on the list when you click on 'going' above, then you're in. Please also click on 'edit profile' top right hand corner and change your user name from 'user83475' to something more personal and identifiable.
    Hope you enjoy the ride. Regards, Mike

  • hello, any chance i could join this bike ride?

  • Hi, just click "Yes, I'm attending!" at the top of the page and we'll do the rest.

  • Can I ask what time the ride is due to finish?

  • Depending on pace, we should get to the cafe stop in East Finchley between 11.30am - 12.30pm.

  • hello

    I cant remember if I clicked the "Yes, I'm Attending" button, could someone confirm this either way for me?

    many thanks


  • Enter your text here.hello

    I cant remember if I clicked the "Yes, I'm Attending" button, could someone confirm this either way for me?

    many thanks


  • Hi Jonathan,
    You're not showing on the list currently. Sometimes people drop out before the ride and hopefully then un-tick themselves so if you're keen to come on this ride then check back here periodically and see if there are any spaces. If a space becomes free (i.e. its not showing as 17/17) then click the "I'm attending" button and you're in.
    Note we don't operate a queuing system so if a space opens up it is taken on a "fastest finger first" basis.

  • Edited - sorry @RobT I duplicated the response.

  • Hi, @Mahad @HelenC @LiamC @user83475 @user83872 @user83916 @FlorianeO @zadoc @user56087 @Craig_Bee @WillJones @Tstrut @JayOwens @user84522 @tom_moreton @OmerT @MattGC

    Just reminder that you are booked on to 'An introduction to club cycling' this Saturday 6 January 2018 and we will be meeting at 08:30 Whittington Park (Holloway Rd entrance).

    If you haven't already done so, please change your username from 'User123456' to something more identifiable. This can be done by clicking on 'edit profile' (top right hand corner), change your username, then click on 'save changes' (bottom right hand corner).

    If you can no longer make the event, please click on the 'can't make it' button to free up your place for someone else.

    Many thanks, @MikeMC

  • Thanks @MikeMC, duly changed (hopefully) and look forward to getting out.


  • Hi Tim @user56087
    Unfortunately your username hasn't changed. It might be either you have picked a username that isn't available or you haven't clicked on the 'save changes' button (bottom right hand corner). Please note the 'save changes' button is often out of sight and you may need to scroll down the page to bring it into view.

  • Hi! can anyone who can’t make it please tag me in a comment so i get a notification tonight/tomorrow morning. Thanks in advance!!

  • @MikeMC we’re at the Coffee Cup at the top of Muswell Hill. Barracuda is close for all of Jan!

  • Hi +Jacob, sorry only just seen the message. We carried on and stopped at the spoke for a coffee.

    Thanks to everyone in our group today. Good riding on a bitterly cold morning and fairly busy roads but still nice to get out in the fresh air. Hope to see you all soon on a club ride.

  • Enjoyed the ride today, all riders were great! Leaders too @MikeMC @Jacob @Jonathon !

    Sorry I had to rush off at the end.

    @AlecJ, we had 14 riders total: @Mahad @HelenC @LiamC @FlorianeO @MattGC @WillJones @tom_moreton @OmerT @Tstrut @JayOwens @TimErlam @SimonMGB @Florina AND Julian that I can't find his forum name (Julian please confirm): @user83916 OR @user83872?

    Hope I got the list right.

    Forgot to take a picture of everyone :(

    Enjoy your weekend all!


  • Hi Mike,

    Unfortunately I cant make intro tomorrow and cant see 'cant make it' button to free up space.



  • Hi Zadoc, intro ride was today not tomorrow. There’s another one next month or try one of our group skills sessions which are held weekday evenings, twice monthly.

  • @MikeMC @Jacob @Jonathon Thanks again for the introductory ride in a windy and freezing cold weather as well as answering all of our questions!


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An introduction to club cycling - 06 January 2018

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