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  • Going to fill out the membership after work just felt I should say hello, I may join you guys on your Sunday ride. :D

  • Fantastic - welcome and looking forward to riding together

  • Just paid for the jersey combo thingy in large, Will be with group C this Sunday I hope...

  • hi i'm intrested in joining ICC and was think of coming to the saturday morning tarining rides at RP, one question how fast is the early 7am ride? I normally train at RP early on saturdays and i'm sure i will be ok for the slower 8am ride but i wanted to check the pace of the early one. If its ok i will probably do both.
    I have been riding for a while and i'm doing the London Ride in August but i have mostly ridden solo. My longest ride is just under 50miles at the moment.
    hope to see you saturday

  • Hi +user6569

    You'd be very welcome to come and join in. We recommend new riders start with the 8am ride on Saturdays or the C group on Sundays.

    But you will know your pace/speed best.

    Have a look at the Strava data of members on the Saturday rides then decide.

    Many of us are building up to RideLondon100, self included.

    Our audax - The Great Escape - on 18 May would be great preparation.

  • thanks for the advice i will check the Strava data, see you saturday looking forward to it

  • hi i had my first guest ride with ICC at RP this morning, really enjoyed it and have just
    paid my membership

  • Great stuff, welcome to ICC!

  • Hey, enjoyed my first club run today with Group B, Just signed up for membership + Jersey. Will see you all soon. Just wondering where I get the jersey from and how I get full access to forum? Cheers

  • I will email you

  • Welcome Matt, glad you enjoyed it!

  • Nice one Matt, welcome

  • Hi guys, after my first ride on Sunday I signed up for membership last night.
    Already have the bike booked in for a service this week so will miss Saturday's Regent's Park ride but hope to see you all again on Sunday - although I'm going out for wedding anniversary dinner Saturday night and I may struggle carrying the extra weight.

    Next step: figuring out how to change that purple flower avatar to something a bit more me.

  • Welcome to ICC +CoffeeGuy! Feel free to say hello in our clubhouse thread and introduce yourself.

  • Hi all
    I participated on the last intro ride but would like to do the Sunday one before joining. Is there a C group next Sunday (9th) that I could join? At what time do you usually get back? Thanks and looking forward to it, the intro one was really nice!

  • Welcome Paola! We're glad you enjoyed the ride.
    Yes, there is a C ride this Sunday which is going to be led by @Qing_Sun. It's around 45 miles. We usually get back to the cafe in Finchley at around 11.30/12.

  • Great! see you on Sunday 8:30 @Qing_Sun

  • Newbie here, so I just want to triple check - the C ride is the slowest of the lot?

    I'm keen to join the club, and have previously ridden in bunches and road raced - but not for about 20 years!

    Currently fat and slow and with few miles in my legs, but keen to change that as quickly as possible.

  • Hi @TheMuddyFox

    Welcome, you are correct in assuming that C is the slower of our group rides and also the shortest - this weeks ride is being led by @Qing_Sun and he plans on leading a 45 mile ride at a pace of somewhere between 12-14 mph.

    no one gets left behind and we wait at the top of hills, so come along and enjoy. 8:30 whittington Park (on Holloway Road).

  • Great, thank you. I'll be there.

  • Ive finally signed up...yay!
    Will be there Sunday for the C-ride to get back into the swing of things :-)

  • Steve_Harris - Welcome!

  • Excellent @Steve_Harris glad you joined up. I am leading the B ride and having seen you out on the intro ride, I reckon you'd have no trouble with it!

  • Thanks @Ali for the vote of confidence :-D
    Whats the distance of the B ride?
    Its been a while since i did an intense long ride...dont want to hold people back.

  • approx. 62 miles back to Whittington Park. There is a 45mile C ride, so it is up to you if you think your legs will be up to it. Given that I have the 70-75 mile ladies ride the day before I might not be as fresh.

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New here

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