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  • Hi I'am looking into joining a cycling club after having cycled in and around London for years, but not in a large group. I saw the introductory ride tomorrow is full, can I just turn up this Sunday to try a C-ride?
    Thanks Gesa

  • Hi Gesa,

    You're most welcome to come a try a couple of rides. Come to the park on Sunday morning and introduce yourself. It's worth letting the ride leader know if you have ridden in a group before and they can run through the signals and calls if not.

    We will do a briefing ahead of each ride to let you know speed and distance covered during the day.

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi Jon,
    Thanks for your message - looks like a good day for cycling tomorrow, so will come to the park tomorrow morning.


  • Are there usually C groups on Sunday rides?

  • There are always C groups on Sundays. Not sure what the plan us, but rest assured that there will be a ride or two on offer every Sunday.

  • See you there

  • Hello,

    I posted on one of the other forum pages that I am looking to join the club, and as such would like to come along on a ride. With the introductory ride tomorrow being full, Tim ( @Tim(TLB) ) suggested I might come along on a Sunday ride, but should check whether that was alright with someone who was attending/running the ride. Hence, I wished to check if there would be a suitable ride this Sunday (2nd Oct), or, failing that, next Sunday (9th Oct).

    Thanks in advance,


    P.S. I am a moderately experienced cyclist, but have not ridden in a group before.

  • Hi,
    Just joined the club. I normally ride fixed gear over winter, steady 100km - 150km ish routes averaging 26kmh depending on ride profile.
    If anyone else is interested in fixed gear rides or some longer rides over the winter months let me know it would be nice to meet you.

  • Hi @RobPhillips, it looks like no one got back to you. Did you get settled into the club OK?

  • Hi @xJBx we'll certainly have plenty of folks doing long steady rides in the winter. You'll shortly get access to the rest of our forum (assuming the moderators haven't given you access already). You'll find details of all sorts of up coming rides and can propose your own in the 'In The Saddle' section.

    If you haven't already, we ask newcomers to start with our Sunday C Groups, 8am Saturday rides in Regents Park or our Introductory Rides. These are the best ways to get a safe introduction to the club.

    Hopefully I'll see you for a long wintry ride soon.

  • @Fixie_Mads meet @xJBx and vice versa.

  • @aidan nice one ta
    @alex cheers al

  • @aidan what's the wait normally to get full forum access? Cheere

  • Hi Aidan, yes thanks, all sorted.

    Cheers, Rob

  • Hi,
    I would like to join your Sunday cycle session for the first time. The introductory ride on the 7th is full, but would it be ok if I come on the 7th and join one of the slower groups that are riding?


  • You will be welcomed on a C ride on a Sunday for sure. Just make your self known at WP

  • Vicky - that should be fine or join the Saturday laps at 8am in Regent's Park. Please make sure you read the group riding guide in the 'Our rides' section and note that wearing a helmet is mandatory. Hope you enjoy the ride. Eva

  • Hey,

    Will there be a ride this Sunday, 8th? I joined the club in July '16 with the best intention of riding and then got injured! Typical. Keen to get out again.


  • Good to hear you are now passed fit to ride again+Pip_Roberts.

    Yes, there are rides every Sunday! You can get a picture of what people are planning in the In the saddle section of the forum under the A, B and C rides threads.

  • Super, thanks!

  • Hi,
    I'd like to come with a friend this Sunday to ride with you guys, if there are any rides planned and it is possible for us to join (we are not members).
    Marco & Simon

  • Hey @user72199,

    Club rides start from Whittington park at 08:30am on Sundays. There a 'A, B & C Pace' rides (in descending order of average speed). You should be able to pick out the ride leaders; introduce yourself and I am sure you will be welcome.

    I might be around on Sunday, if not I am sure someone will be happy to help.


  • Hi @dtmco

    Thanks a lot for all the in info
    See you on Sunday then


  • ill take a lumpy 65km 3.5hr lumpy herts C ride if anyone is interested.

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Sunday ride

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