Forum conduct and commmittee details

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  • Hello Madeline and welcome! We will get this sorted for you ASAP.

  • Hi, I've just renewed my membership but have temporarily lost access to the full forums. Please could someone renew my forum access (if it won't happen automatically)? Thanks!

  • hi i would like to go for a bike ride tomorrow at 7
    i have one question where are we meeting
    if you could text me where as i don't have a look on this that much that would be great.
    my phone number is OBFUSCATED.

  • Hi +ChrisR - The forum rights are usually automatic within a week of acceptance of a renewal (and are also removed within a week of expiry). Not sure why you haven't been readied, but I'll do it manually.

  • +Jazza - our 7am rides are only open to members. You are welcome to come try one up to 3 Sunday, group skills or introductory rides with us, after which you will be asked to join. Your membership will be approved after confirmation that you have been on either a group skills or introductory ride.

    Given this is a wholly public area of our forum, I have removed your phone number to protect your privacy.

  • Thanks +JonnyK - my membership expired at start of April and I only renewed yesterday, so no worries.

  • That makes sense - Maddy is away so probably it will be approved on Monday.

  • I'm a bit at a loss as to why my comment about radsuits got moderated. I was not in breach of any of the guidelines in the first post of this thread. A comment in reply advising others of the committee position would've been fine but altering my original text (even with a "moderators note") felt heavy handed. I'm also a bit worried that I received no notification of this moderation and only noticed it when I checked back on the thread several hours later. #byefornow

  • @JonnyK @SeanW are either of you able to update the committee names in the original post on this thread?

    There are a few to update including me. Sally will take over this week so you can take me off.


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Forum conduct and commmittee details

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