Forum conduct and commmittee details

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  • We're all here to have fun cycling together in friendship, competing, getting fit and socialising off the bike, too. In this spirit, we trust you to play nice on the road and online.

    • Show respect - please ensure your posts and online behaviour is acceptable and appropriate
    • Keep it clean - no profane language please or posts containing violent, sexually oriented, or illegal content or links
    • Be discrete - please do not reveal personal information of another forum user
    • No trolling, attacks or flaming
    • No spamming
    • NO SHOUTING (Sorry, except this example of using all capitals)

    If you have a concern about content on the forum, copy and paste the link in an email to [email protected] or send a message to any member of the club committee.

    And if you have any complaints about the club, please also email these to [email protected] or send a message to any member of the club committee rather than post them online.

    And the Islington Cycling Club committee are

    Chair: Jon Klaff +JonnyK  | [email protected]  
    Club secretary: Currently being admirably covered by Katie Bonnar | [email protected]
    Treasurer: Andrew Castiglione +AndrewCass | [email protected]
    Kit manager: Ollie Charles +Ollie | [email protected]
    Membership: Aidan Farrow  | [email protected]
    Special events secretary: Katie Bonnar +katiebonnar | [email protected]
    Social Media and Newsletter editor: Sean Wightman +SeanW | [email protected], [email protected]
    Race captains: Kath Hibbert +KathH | [email protected], Rob Valdes +RobV | [email protected]
    Women: Maddy Robinson +Maddy | [email protected]
    Time trials: Tony Padgett  +Tony-slowmo | [email protected]
    Socials and introductory rides: Alec James +AlecJ | [email protected]

    You can also email [email protected]

    The forum admins are Jon Klaff +JonnyK , Sean Wightman +SeanW and Maddy Robinson +Maddy

    To message a committee member, just click on one of usernames and then click Send Message in the right-hand panel.

  • Thank you David

  • Hi, anyone know why I can't post on the B ride forum? Or possibly this one too? Has this posted?

  • Reply if you are a payed member you should be a able to post. Have you been able to do this in the past (when last time)?

  • Yep paid up for a month or so now. I've posted on the strava ISS forum but on the b ride forum it says:
    It looks like you don't have permission to do that.
    This might happen if you're trying to view a private sub forum

    Not sure why

  • If you get in touch with our membership secretary +The_Other_Rob then he might be able to double check that you have the correct permissions to post. Also check that you are logging into the forum with the same email address that you signed up with.

  • Hello, having issues posting. Just wondering how long after paying membership should I wait before my froum account is active to post?

  • Hi @Hanwell, can you send me a private message to let me know the email address you used when you signed up for your membership?

    Once I have your email adddress, I can activate your forum account so you can post messages and access the members-only section.


  • Hi @Hanwell can I please get access to the forums? Not clear how to navigate this. Thanks.

  • Hi, please can I get access to the forums?

  • Hi there, could I get access to the rest of the forums please?

  • Maybe there should be a 'please let me in the forum' thread in Clipping In? #ocdtriggered

  • Already done earlier today. New members are given instructions to contact me to trigger their access in their welcome email.

  • How do I view the Easter ride forum?

  • Yes. Note women's racing is TBC.

  • Kit manager needs to be changed to yours truly. Email is still [email protected]

  • If not mentioned anywhere else, big shout out to @alex for his dedication to the role both organizationally and artistically - our kit is awesome. Big shoes to fill!

  • Seemed a bit grandiose to have my own thread (you can set one up though!), and a bit douchey to clog up any of the others. Cheers though guv, it's been a blast (and a lot of hard work).

  • Love that guy

  • Hi

    Please may I have access to the forums. I would like to ride tomorrow with half the road and cannot gain access


  • hi Layla, did you get this sorted?

  • Hello, my membership has been approved but I don't think I have full access to the forum yet - I can only see the clipping in thread. Could I please be added to the main group?

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Forum conduct and commmittee details

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