Hi all. Thinking of joining...

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  • ... not really sure what to expect.

    Having never ridden with a club and the longest ride i have ever done is 80k. I am not sure that i'll have the legs for it (or the pace).

    I'm reasonably fit (commuting fitness that is) but not endurance fit, sayng that i still do upwards of 140+ miles of commuting a week (High Barnet to the City - so i know we share roads)

    Maybe I just need to MTFU.


  • You can come along to any of the club rides to see what you think, no obligation, no money up front etc, you'll be more than welcome. I'm sure you'll be able to hack the pace, but the same will apply to you as does anyone else - No One Gets Left Behind.

    Nothing to lose eh!

  • Hi Rob,

    Just to echo what Nicholas says. Come along and give it a go, I'm sure you'll be fine!


  • Hi +rubertoe just another ICC member here saying hello and to encourage you to join us for one of our club rides. We're friendly bunch and there's no weird elitism here - and as Nicholas has mentioned we do not drop anyone on rides. It sounds like you'll be absolutely fine for the pace.

    The most challenging thing at the moment is the weather, and for that we're all going to have to MTFU!


  • 140 miles a week to high barnet and back = definitely fit enough :-)

  • You should definitely come along!!

  • Thanks Peeps,

    Just a bit daunted. Wont be around this weekend. but will be around the following so i look forward to it.

    Be Nice to the noob..

    Where is the meet - opposite the laundry? or next to the fire place shop? (or just look for the group of cyclists in islington cc tops in the general area?)

  • It's on the northbound side of the road at the entrance to Whittington Park. And, yes, you'll easily spot us!

  • Morning all,

    Just to confirm I will be there on sunday for the shorter/slower ride if there is one, if not I'll be holding on to the longer quicker ride for as long as possible.....

    I'll be on a black Planet X, with full guards (I read the rulez). Looking forward to it.


  • Just to let you know, I have now joined....

    ... No doubt you will all soon get to know me, I am sucker for an Internet forum.


  • Yay! Welcome to ICC - let's see if you can overtake +RichardM on the comments score... there is a prize for the top commenter on the forum!

  • Rob - Welcome!
    Laura - Happy to pass on the prize. I have set my sights on the Bitchiest Commenter Award instead.

  • Thanks Richard,

    You wait till @shannonball approves me for the rest of the forum, I have plenty to say and none of it is useful.

  • Rob - Sounds like you are in good company. I look forward to meeting soon.

  • Approval is coming right up...

  • Welcome Rob! Glad you've enjoyed the rides so far and signed up!

  • Thanks all,

    Fully joined now - will pick up my jersey later in the week....

    Thanks David, anything i need to do or know?


  • Rob your full log in is now active and welcome emails/instructions sent

  • Hi all,

    I had a very enjoyable ride on Sunday which was led by Laura. The ride was good paced and I felt very welcomed. I am therefore very keen to sign up to the club - to do so, should I go to the British Cycling page?
    On a more vain note, does the club jersey come in long sleeves..


  • Hi Mikhail

    Really pleased that you have been enjoying riding with us.

    There is a long sleeve version with a thermal material for 52 pounds. That is a special order item and takes at least 8 weeks.

    The jersey we offer bundled with membership is a short sleeve version. We have stock of those in all sizes. (They cost 40 pounds bought separately). We offer them with one year of membership for 40 pounds which is a good deal.

    We have some gilets in stock (56 pounds) and armwarmers (21 pounds).

    For the record, all our kit is bought from from Belgian manufacturer Bioracer and sold at cost - the club adds nothing.

    You can join at http://www.islington.cc

    Click the red Buy Club Membership button

    I would recommend getting a SS and wearing a LS base layer. Get the LS next year, but order in the summer, so you have it in time.

  • The jersey will get a first outing this weekend... I'll be the one in the ICC ki....oh wait.


  • Me too - we'll match!

  • No onesie, David?

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Hi all. Thinking of joining...

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