Help, I'm new here!

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  • Laura Annabel.
    There is a small few turning out. Weather good.
    Picking up SBall at N Finchley.
    The route is very interesting.

  • Hi- I'm looking forward to joining you guys soon- just wondered, do you only do one level of route?

    Thanks :)


  • Hi. On a Thursday we tend to follow 2 different routes or sometimes do hills but on Sunday there are 2 groups which do different routes ,, approx 40 mile and 70 mile. Pace approx 13/mph and 17 mph
    No one gets left in the shorter ride

    I've only recently joined and it's very welcoming and a good atmosphere.

    We leave at 8:30am Whittingdon Park N7.


  • Hi guys just wanted to say thanks for being so friendly and supportive last night! Just hope I didn't slow you down too much lol!
    I am really looking forward to Sunday, have a great weekend :)

  • Kathryn.
    Well done for last night. Esp for first ride.
    Sunday should be good. I'm bringing my friend and it's her first time out.
    My gizmos said I dropped 1800 calories on the ride.
    Living beside Whittingdon Park as you do will soon become a very sought after area due to our rapidly increasing membership. House prices and rents may skyrocket.
    See you both Sunday.
    Remember to eat and bring stuff. We should be out approx the same time.

  • @annabel
    Great ride last night. You can certainly shift!! It's certainly an interesting ride.
    If your passing, drop your card in at the shop,, beside Costa Islington Green.

  • Hi Guys, not sure if this the correct place to post but I'll be joining on Sunday as long as there is a slow group which I assume there will be. Also thanks to David answering all my e-mails and the warm welcome on the FB group.



  • @sunny.
    Correct there is a slower group on Sunday. Approx 35 miles.
    There are 3 maybe 5 new people so your very welcome.
    See you 8:30am

  • @Sunny hello and welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing you out on Sunday :)

  • Why is it forecast heavy rain again on Sunday?!! If I can get some mudguards sorted tomorrow then I will join you. Otherwise I'm staying in bed (again).

  • @louisathomson get some sorted and come out! It was honestly great fun last week. Drowned Rats CC

  • @louisathomson
    Forecast is unpredictable. It's supposed to be raining today which it obviously isn't.

  • I have mudguards! They are a bit experimental (2 bolted together in a rather unusual wheel covering arrangement...) but plan to come tomorrow now! Woo hoo!

  • Hi Guys, Sorry I didn't make it out.

    I now know the importance of wet weather clothing, got close to the park but was pretty much soaked through, so decided to head back home. Don't worry though I'm on Wiggle right now and will hopefully make it out on Thursday!

  • The trick is to just accept you're probably still going to get wet, but as long as your clothes keep you warm even when that happens you're all set.

  • Loved today's ride even though it was raining cats and dogs from the second I left home- the sun came out though and it ended up a nice day :D

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Help, I'm new here!

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