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  • Hi all, I am hoping you might be able to help me, sorry if this is the wrong post for this question!

    I am trying to see if I might be able to join a club ride tomorrow as a guest but am not sure if this is possible in these times, or if I need to do one of the intro rides first?
    I have done a fair bit of group riding in Nottingham where I have moved down from and would probably be looking for a more social 15+mph ride to start with.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you


  • Hi Rheanna,

    Currently all rides require sign up on the forum, which you need to be a member to gain full access to all the relevant sections. So unfortunately at this moment we are not allowing guests to join on rides. We do have a number of Intro Rides and Group Skills upcoming so I recommend attending one of those first.

  • Hi Zac
    I am looking to gain membership and hopefully join some rides soon, just to confirm is full membership currently required to join rides (and then signing up as and when available) or just forum membership ?



  • Hi Martin, yes that is correct. Full membership will give you access the the rest of the forum (hidden from non-members) where rides are posted.

    I am also looking to increase the number of Intro Rides/Group Skills sessions available over the next couple of weeks.

  • Great thanks Zac will get myself signed up !

  • I'm interested to do an intro if a space becomes available.

  • Hi there - am new to the club. Will Sunday club rides be taking place this Sunday (20th December)? If so, is it still an 8:30am meet at Highbury Fields?

  • Hi. Do we know when club rides will be back up and running? Thanks.

  • Hi @Zac

    Do you know if Wednesday north london hills are on these days and if yes, is there a time/meeting point?


  • Hi Zac, i’ve completed the skills ride today? can i join the club ride tomorrow?

  • Do I need to sign up for the Sunday C group or can I just turn up? This would be my first ever ride with you guys. I had read this was an alternative to the introductory sides as I am struggling to attend on a Saturday

  • Hi @louis welcome to the club!

    For your membership to be approved you'll need to complete an Intro ride or a Group Skills session. Group Skills sessions are in Regents Park, some of which are in the evenings mid week to make sure we can accommodate everyone. It looks like the next is on Thursday 14th.

  • Thanks so much Alec! Sorry to ask the stupid question but where do I see this please? I can only see group rides on Saturdays - next one Saturday 9th April or Saturday 14th May

  • @louis - currently all our Intro Rides and Group Skills sessions are at 0930 on Saturdays. When evenings get lighter we expect to start running group skills sessions in Regents Park.

  • hello all, I'm another Louis, this could get confusing :) I have just signed up but reading I have to do a ride before excepted so looking whats best atm,

  • Hi I am interested in riding with your
    club, could I possibly try a ride with you
    either mid week or sunday? I ride as part of a group already and have experience of doing long rides of up to around 110miles.


  • Hello All, I have just signed up for the Great Escape, I can't see anywhere on the forum about it? regards

  • Hi Louis, you'll find info here. https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events­/details/261640/The-Great-Escape&source=­website-ems

    There's also info on the Forum if you're a member. Search under Great Escape.

  • Hi there. You will need to attend a free Group Skills or Intro Ride before you can join the club. These are held on Saturdays at 0930 although we are planning to organise some mid-week evening sessions.

    The next Intro Ride is May 7 http://forum.islington.cc/events/7084/#c­omment16486623

    The next Group Skills is May 14 http://forum.islington.cc/events/7085/#c­omment16458010

  • Hi thanks for your response. I won’t be able to come to a weekend intro ride but would be grateful if you could let me know when you start the weekday intro or group skill rides


  • Now that it’s getting lighter in the evening we should have some midweek ones up soon :)

  • Hi, when is the next intro ride? Unfortunately could not attend the one yesterday and I cannot make the 15th either. Any other weekends in free!

    Thank you

  • Hello, I did an introduction ride in April. Paid in May. But I still can’t access the forum to sign up for rides. I hope it is ok for me to come on Sunday and be part of a ride.

  • Sorry to hear that Vincent. Just flagging to @GeorginaH, our membership secretary.

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Our club rides

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