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  • Hi all,

    I'm looking to join a cycling club at the moment, and was wondering if it was possible to come along for one of your rides, preferably during a weekend? I saw that there's a tester one this weekend which is sadly already full up.

    I currently commute 8 miles each way on my bike through London every day and have in the past done a few 3/4 day bike tours through France at a leisurely pace, as well as numerous 100km+ (and a couple of 100 mile+) rides on me tod last summer at what I like to think is a less leisurely pace, although in reality is probably pedestrian compared to you guys! I've just completed the Paris Marathon which I've been training for for a while, so fitness shouldn't be a problem, although I've not been doing longer rides during that time; nevertheless, I cycled around 70k last Thursday so am slowly getting back into the swing of longer rides!

    Obviously happy to be flexible, if you reckon it's best to wait until the next tester ride I'm happy to do so.

  • Hi,

    Welcome. You sound pretty fit (well probably alot fitter than me). you'd be welcome to join us on one of our sunday rides, we operate 3 different rides A, B and C. with A being the fastest and longest and C being the slower and shorter.

    have a look around the forum, we are a welcoming club. Do you have any experience of club riding?


  • Hi Rob - not particularly, I've only ever ridden with other people at a fairly leisurely pace before, but obviously am willing to learn and get involved! I've read the guide to club riding on this site and a few other bits and pieces already.

    Imagine maybe it would be best to start with a C ride to gauge how I am when it comes to riding in a wider group... I spied that you're leading the one this Easter Sunday, I'd be willing to get involved with that one!

  • You'd be welcome, it is always better to underestimate.

    Do familiarise yourself with the group riding skills guide though as it is useful.

  • I'm planning to join group C too on Easter Sunday :)

  • I look forward to seeing you.

  • I got my dates mixed up and am sadly busy early afternoon on Sunday, would doubt the ride will be done in time - however it's in the diary in marker pen for the following Sunday.

  • Tried posting in one of the other forums but had permission issues; was hoping to ride the C ride this Sunday but spotted it's the celebratory club run; is there room for a little one?

  • Yes, there is room! This will be about a 45-mile ride.

  • Excellent - count me in!

  • Great to see such a welcoming and active club. Been looking for ages for a club to join and always been too nervous to be "the newbie", but I think I've struck on something good here. Hopefully will be out with you in coming weeks for a Sunday ride if I can get a pass :)

  • You'd be most welcome +FelixH, come along and see how you find us.

  • Hi
    For a first ride for someone relatively fit but who has never really tried cycling in groups, which ones of the weekend ride would you recommend ?

  • Hi,

    I would recommend attending the intro ride if you can wait that long, failing that people are always welcome to join us on Saturdays or Sundays. Have a look around the forum though and at least have a llk at our group riding skills section.

  • Welcome.
    It would make sense for you to attend one of the forthcoming Intro rides if you can. Pending that, do feel free to join us on either Saturday or Sunday. As regards Sunday, I suggest you try the C Group and see how you get on. As for Saturday, the 8am group would be a better starting point as the 7am ride is intended for those with more experience of riding quickly in a group.
    I hope that helps and look forward to seeing you on one of the rides soon.

  • Thanks guys - I have registered my interest for the intro ride - I would like to join Sat 8am and see how I get along before deciding on Sunday ride - shall I just show up 8am at the entrance of the London Zoo ?

  • Yep, meet the guys there and introduce yourself as a new rider. 8am rides usually ride in a group, 2up, so if you haven't done group riding before please follow their instructions and it might help if you read this:¬≠687/

  • stupid question probably - but what happens if the weather is not right ? when do u decide if you cancel ?

  • In short, no.

    As they say, there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes.

    But how 'not right' can the weather be in April?

    If it is wet, wear a rain jacket and add mudguards.
    If it is really, really wet, we'll run a shorter loop with no stops.

    Snow and ice is a different matter.
    As are exceptionally high winds.

  • I like it :)
    thanks guys

  • Great, I've just signed up as an official ICC member :)
    I've done the intro to club riding but tomorrow will be my first official ride.
    Do groups B + C set off at the same time ?

  • @Marky_F

    All the rides depart at the same time, 8.30am Whittington Park.

  • Better yet; groups A, B and C all set off at around 8.30 so we advise an 8.15/20ish arrival at the park.

    Oh, and welcome!

  • Thanks guys.

  • Hi All, just wondering if it's too late to come along for the ride tomorrow ?

    I've been commuting daily for the last year or so (10miles/day) so I'm hoping my fitness is up too it!

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first ride?

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