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    We hope you’re looking forward to the Group Skills ride this Saturday morning and look forward to meeting you.

    Unfortunately, sometimes people drop out without telling us. Please could you reconfirm your place by copying the list below and adding your name.

    If you are no longer able to make it, please remove yourself by clicking "Can't Make It" at the top of this page. This means others have a chance to take your place and we can make sure we have the right number of leaders.

    If you reserve a space but fail to attend we may limit you from attending in the future. If you do not reconfirm, we may have to send you away if we don’t have enough leaders.

    Please remind yourself of the information at the top of this thread and read our Group Riding Guide before the ride so we can spend less time standing around during safety briefing and more time riding!

    If you still have an @user username it would help if you could change to something more personal. This makes it much simpler for us to process new members after the rides.

    The meeting place is the Regent's Park Inner Circle, at the big gates opposite York Bridge.


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