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  • Hi @user117615 @Ben_Granger @JeremyF_QhubekaUK @PaulONeill @gdubs26 @jonathanos @maddybadco @HughT @Henrietta @DomLyons @CharlotteBartels @CharlotteB

    I hope you are all looking forward to Group Skills tomorrow, this session is still going ahead . Weather forecast is looking like dry and sunny. Due to the latest covid situation, we will be splitting up into groups of 6 as you arrive with the entire skills session held within your group of 6 with a ride leader. This is to avoid having one large group during the initial briefing.

    If you are no longer able to make this session, could you please remove yourself from the attendee list, as this helps us manage group sizes and volunteers required.

    Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


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