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    Hi guys! I live just off Upper Street and heavily involved in the cycling industry though my pro bono work as Trustee of the Qhubeka charity (official TDF charity partner) in the UK and also with the Africa Rising initiative to build pro cycling teams across several African nations.

    I have been racing and riding - mainly MTB - for 30+ years (slowing down a little now at 42!)

    At the moment, I am running a Free Bike Fix For Qhubeka campaign for folk in my neighbourhood (N1 roughly). I am fixing up folks bikes in return for donations to Qhubeka.

    I have pretty much most tools and can fix most stuff on road, MTB, hybrid etc. For major works, I am sending folk to the good shops I know who will also do a deal as they know me/my work.

    I have tagged you guys in a few posts on here as thought you would be interested but then thought I might get in touch to see if any of your members/friends want their bike properly serviced etc?

    All the very best,


    My WhatsApp is 07741536809


    [email protected]

    Instagram jeremy_forduk


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