• Hi Sally, looking forward to getting out with you guys. When do you think the next intro ride will be scheduled? Should I just keep an eye on the forum for CVD19 updates? Or should I email you an 'expression of interest'. Thanks!

  • Hi Laura,

    At the moment they are cancelled until we hear anything from the government. Even once lockdown is over, there will still be social distancing in place for a good while. Our rides won't start up again until we are sure it's safe to do so. I'm keeping a record of everyone who joins the club during this time and will email all new joiners when our intro rides (and other rides!) are back up and running.

    If you do want to join now, then just make an application and I'll drop you an email to make sure you're happy with the terms outlined above. Once that's all signed off I'll process the membership.

    Shout if you need any further info or advice.

  • Sally - thanks for the update, I'll keep an eye on the boards for when it picks up again, and will join once that's up and running - hopefully not too much longer (fingers crossed)!


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