• Hi, the March Intro is now full. I’m following in case any spaces become available, but failing that, do you know what date the April ride will be and when it will be open to sign up for it? Thanks

  • Hi @Sophia the April Intro Ride will be the first Saturday of the month (April 4th).

    We are currently making changes to the sign up process from April onwards, this is to increase capacity of Intro Rides, as well as reduce number of no-shows on the day. But I anticipate the April ride being posted in early March.

    We still have our Group Skills sessions available before then though. The next one is on the 22nd of February (https://forum.islington.cc/events/5223/). Attending this will also allow you to join the club, and the technical skills taught will be higher level than what we do on the Intro Ride. Also one on the 21st of March (https://forum.islington.cc/events/5224/)


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