• Hi everyone!
    my name is Umberto and two months ago I left Italy to move in London for a nice job in the city. So September 7 my new life began with a big luggage and my beloved road bike, always side to me. Unfortunately I had many problems in finding a decent flat (still looking for it) and I had just the time of a tour of Surrey and some few places more (always alone 😢) I quickly realised that here cycling is much different from what I was used to (crazy traffic, pollution, flat flat and flat)... my other bike (Mtb) which I was using for racing is still in Italy... anyway I don’t want to give up with this amazing discipline and people suggested me your club as one of the best for good training and nice mates. So I am asking you if you would like to adopt this sad Italian cyclist❤️ to helping him in discover the beauty of riding together in London, meeting new people and enjoy the freedom of riding a bike... see you on Sat!

  • Welcome. Unfortunately it looks like Saturday will have some very English weather but I hope you will enjoy our ride. We have many members of different nationalities and one of our members +ColinFisher spends much of his year living in Italy and has twinned our club with his Italian club so I hope we can make you feel at home.


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