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  • Hi, I'm interested in joining ICC.
    May I know if I need to buy the membership before joining this Group Skill ride or an Intro ride? Thanks.

  • You can join this as one of your 3 "try before you buy/join" rides. You have to do this or the intro ride before you can be accepted as a member.

  • Hi, it's easier if you do this ride before you put in your application as it means your membership will get approved as soon as you apply. You can submit an application beforehand but it won't get approved (and no money will be taken) until you've done either an intro ride or a group skills session.

    As Stephen mentions, you can also join along with 3 club rides before becoming a member, to make sure it's the right fit for you. For insurance purposes these are limited to our Sunday rides only (the intro and group skills sessions are separate to these 3 rides and you can come along to as many as you'd like!).

    If you have any other questions just ask here or feel free to email me: [email protected]



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