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  • You can avoid using Garmin Connect entirely, as any account level can manually load a planned route from the Ride With GPS site onto the Edge 520.

    1. Plug in your Garmin
    2. On the RideWithGPS website, navigate to your route or ride.
    3. Go to the Export tab
    4. Click TCX Course or FIT Course.
      5, If your computer prompts you to save the file to a specific location, place it somewhere memorable like the desktop.
    5. Using the Finder, My Computer or other tool on your computer, open up the drive associated with the Garmin, usually labeled Garmin
    6. Open the Garmin folder located inside the Garmin drive.
    7. Click/drag the exported file from your desktop to the NewFiles folder.
    8. Safely remove the Garmin (Eject on an Apple machine) and unplug it from the computer
    9. After powering on the Garmin click the Courses icon and locate your route

    For a more detailed example of how to get a route to your Edge 520, see Export Routes to Garmin Devices.


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