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  • Hi Sally,

    I did my first ride with the Club (group C) on Sunday just gone. Wai told me that I shouldn’t have to do the group riding skills as he thought my level was fine but told me to mention this to you. I have ridden with other clubs before and have been riding now with groups for 15 years. I’m about to purchase my ICC membership. Let me know if you think I need to do the group skills.
    Many Thanks

  • Hi Simon,

    I’m afraid you do need to do the group skills training, it’s compulsory for new members. I’m sure you’re very experienced and skilled but it’s the same requirement to be fair for everyone. The session covers lots of other useful things that you may have not come across, and good to double check old habits!


  • Or you can do the intro ride as an alternative to Group skills - there are still places next Saturday­comment14581744 It is more of a time commitment than Group Skills but a chance to get out of London.


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