• Hi Sally,

    Thanks for your response. I'm assuming you believe the Sunday ride would be too difficult for a first starter and Saturday would be a more preferred option ?

    I might not be able to attend on Saturday, so what would you advise as an alternative ?


  • Hi Andrew,

    Sally was clarifying that the above Intro Ride is on Saturday 12th whereas you have said "meet you all on Sunday".

    If you cannot make Saturday's ride, we allow potential members 3 Sunday rides with the club, after which you are asked to join: part of the joining process is completing either an Intro ride (i.e. the ride this thread advertises) or one of our Group Skills rides which are held more frequently

    Assuming a modicum of fitness, you would be welcome to try a C-ride on a Sunday, though currently these are not a "qualifying ride" for membership purposes.


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