• Hi! I am a Camden resident, not Islington, but although I've requested bike hangars to be installed in my estate, the council won't get any.
    I assume they believe that the anti-social behaviour people around here will destroy it in no time and steal the bikes..
    One think that I'd worry about the hangars is that long term use would end up damaging the bike due to exposure to the high humidity levels outdoors and lead bike parts to rust quickly, even though not in direct contact with rain.

  • There's 2 side by side outside my place. I was going to rent a space until a van knocked into one of them and they both popped open. They were left unlocked and open for well over 2 weeks so I would definitely be worried about security.

    [Edit] Still better than chaining to a post or railing if you have no alternative.

  • Do you live on a council-owned estate? Camden have plenty of on-street hangars but I think estates are a different department who may have a different view.

    I would never put a nice bike in bike hangar - they’re one step up from leaving it locked up outdoors. They keep the rain off and prevent casual vandalism, but that’s about it.


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