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  • I had a horrible experience with my Garmin recently and had to do a full factory reset. I was having to recharge the device after 90-100km and it was touch n go whether it would crash or not.

    Changes made that so far seem to have made a difference:
    1, Download velomaps and make sure only that map file is enabled (note: it is possible to have multiple maps enabled at the same time which makes it difficult to see the route, navigate and uses valuable ram).
    2, Upload all new routes to external memory card.
    3, Split longer routes into smaller segments of no more than 150km.
    4, Select external memory card as the default location to save activities.
    5, Purge saved activities on a regular basis.

    Battery now lasts much longer and it hasn't crashed yet, fingers X.

  • I rode to Brighton, guided by my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt on the included maps, which are stored on the built-in memory. Route was sync'd from my RideWithGPS account with no intervention and the ride was uploaded to Strava and TrainingPeaks while I ordered a pint. I still had 68% battery.

    Fuck Garmin.

    @Mags Check out­4573/


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