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  • Ello.....
    Do really hope to be gng on this ride...what kind of weather conditions would probably cancel such groupskills taking place? Plus do you get a sort of reminder when the day gets closer...age is getting the better of me.

  • Hi Rob, I'm pretty sure only torrential rain or ice would cancel the session (it's very rare that you'll get ice on the inner circle but if there's danger of ice on your journey please put your safety first).

    There's no reminder as such, but if you receive notifications when someone posts to this thread, you should see a few emails come through to you in the lead up. Maybe set up a reminder of your own to make sure you don't miss out.

  • Thank you for the reply.....didnt wanna be stranded twiddling me thumbs by the bridge hoping for something to happen. Dont worry i shall remember...will have the bicycle all ready by the front door the previous day.


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