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  • Hi, I'm keen to come along to an introductory ride however the one this Saturday might be a bit too soon as I just got a new bike today and should probably go for a few solo rides before I turn up and the next one in May is currently fully booked, I'll keep an eye out if any spaces free up but would it be cool if I turned up to this session in the mean time?

  • Hi +fin there's a place available on this Saturday's intro ride if you want it. Be quick though before it's taken. It's a nice easy paced (no drop) 40km ride designed to give you a taster of club/group riding. You'll also be briefed regarding formation, safety, signalling etc... prior to setting off.

  • Hi +Fin to echo +MikeMC - the intro rides are really not fast paced or long. They're a great way to test out new rides. What's better than having a group of people admiring your shiny 2 day old bike?


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