• Ooh, that's odd! I'm sure I had, but you are quite right that it now doesn't appear that I am attending...I must have somehow unclicked. But, that explains why no message - sorry about that! Quick question before I do sign back up, how hilly is the ride this month? I'm recovering from a tibial stress reaction and am a little concerned that it might not be up to lots of steep hills yet (not to mention that I'm rather slow up them!) If the ride is likely to be quite quick and hilly, I might try and do a bit more riding and join you another month. Thanks, Beth

  • Hi Beth, as @Orestis says it's not a fast ride and it's not very hilly either (there are some lumps but we take them steadily and wait for everyone to catch up at the top so no worries there!). Let me know if you decide to sign up and I'll ping you the info.


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