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    I want to make some comments on the tone of your introductory text. I talked to people from CC in Finsbury park at the bike week thing a couple of weeks ago about finding other people to ride with. We talked about the problem with sport riders dominating clubs and there not being anywhere where very experienced riders such as myself and my partner who ride everywhere across London and do touring, can ride with other like minded folk. We ide for pleasure not competition. The CC people said we weren't alone and to come along and do an introductory ride - so here I am looking you up but we are seriously put off which is a shame and here is why.

    1. I will decide if I wear a helmet not you. It is not the law and there is no evidence that it makes my cycling experience any safer. CTC have done alot of work looking at this issue and you have no right to to insist as we would be coming at out own risk. I have riden on the road for 50 years now in dense traffic, the countrysidee, off road etc and never hit anything, been hit or come off.
    2. I always carry a lock and it is no hardship to do so. Probably the reason I don't get my bike stolen. Who is to say whether I might wish to dip out or stop somewhere.

    Sorry to be so critical but you tone is very dictatorial. Perhaps you can point us in the direction of someone in the club who has a rather more felxible and open approach that we could do an introductory ride with, as we are still keen to find people to ride with.

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your comments (didn't get your name).

    Sorry to hear you don't like the tone, it is offered as guidance and isn't intended to offend. The text regarding what to bring is intended to let riders know they can travel light - if you frequently travel with a lock and are comfortable riding over 25 miles with a lock then please bring it. As for helmets, it will be club policy from 1 July that riders wear a helmet (or equivalent protective headgear) so unfortunately there will be no other intro rides that you'll be able to attend unless you follow club policy.

    As for your comments about sport riders/racers I'm not sure what you're talking about here. ICC is an open club with members from a mixed background and so I don't understand where you've this impression. I personally cycle for pleasure and have not raced nor intend to do so. Is there something in the text that suggests we are racer dominated?


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