• It was noted that fewer than the prescribed 24 ended up attending on Saturday, which I feel was a shame considering there were one or two people on the forum that we had to disappoint. Maybe there should be a rethink to how places are assigned?

  • We actively encourage people that can no longer make it to free their space for somebody else. Other than that, there isn't much else we can do. Open to suggestions though, if anybody can think of a better way?

  • One thing that came to mind was to require attendees to send an email to the organiser (outside the forum) within 7 days of the ride confirming that they are still interested, only then releasing the details of the meet-up point etc. to them via email.

    This would stop the individuals that sign up on a whim ages before hand, subsequently forget and never go on on the forum again.

  • Sidebar: Thanks for organising/leading to ride(s) on Sat, Katie had a very enjoyable ride :)


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