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  • No I disagree Graham, why would you do that? I have the same bike I got in 2014 and it is going to stick with me. I have upgraded my wheels but the frame is the same. There is no reason to spend twice - as Kos says.

  • I think Graham's suggestion worth bearing in mind - and strategy probably depends upon what one is looking for.

    I reckon it's tricky since getting something (anything) in which you don't have confidence will probably make for less fulfilling riding, but, I gather, it's easy to spend more than is justified - on items that can still be unsuitable or break or be stolen.

    Moving from my folder to road bike, I had a good idea about what I wanted - similar to the kind of thing that @CliveR describes. This set a budget and, somewhat in-line with what others have suggested, I ended spending a bit more and being quite happy with my bike.

    However, this was never a bike for life, and though I wouldn't want to switch bikes, My riding has evolved*, and I wouldn't mind another, slightly different, steed.

    *club rides are a great way to build fitness etc (and I should take care on Sat mornings to avoid being mistaken for an escapee).

  • It is not possible to spend more than is justified on bikes. No matter what the amount, it is justified.

    If budget is an issue then you can always cut down on on non-essentials such as rent, food, children's birthday presents and the like to fund the bike.


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