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  • What are you riding now?

    I'd buy your first road bike on the assumption you'll be switching to something else within a year. You can get some amazing bargains secondhand.

  • No I disagree Graham, why would you do that? I have the same bike I got in 2014 and it is going to stick with me. I have upgraded my wheels but the frame is the same. There is no reason to spend twice - as Kos says.

  • I think Graham's suggestion worth bearing in mind - and strategy probably depends upon what one is looking for.

    I reckon it's tricky since getting something (anything) in which you don't have confidence will probably make for less fulfilling riding, but, I gather, it's easy to spend more than is justified - on items that can still be unsuitable or break or be stolen.

    Moving from my folder to road bike, I had a good idea about what I wanted - similar to the kind of thing that @CliveR describes. This set a budget and, somewhat in-line with what others have suggested, I ended spending a bit more and being quite happy with my bike.

    However, this was never a bike for life, and though I wouldn't want to switch bikes, My riding has evolved*, and I wouldn't mind another, slightly different, steed.

    *club rides are a great way to build fitness etc (and I should take care on Sat mornings to avoid being mistaken for an escapee).


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