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  • Hi all

    I’d very much appreciate some advice on buying more-or-less my first ever “proper” bike. You all seem both knowledgeable and friendly - thanks in advance for putting up with a newbie...

    I’m keen to get into road cycling and heading out on club runs (not interested in racing). And I’ve got two small kids who love their bikes, and I want to get out with them - so I want something that I’ll be able to stick bigger tyres on to cope with mud, and with gravel tracks.

    I’ve been thinking about a Genesis CdA 10 - though it’s right at the top of my budget. (I’m guessing things are pretty competitive and everything at that price point is equally good). Anyone got any experience with this or know a good alternative?

    My main question is - should I start off with something much cheaper to build up my fitness (and confidence - been 5 years since I’ve spent any time cycling London’s roads), and then spring to the Genesis (or whatever) when I’m in better shape? Or is that a false economy?

    Secondly, if anyone’s got any tips on building up fitness, I’m all ears. Obviously, just do progressively longer and faster rides, but if you have any good routes in north London for beginners, I’d love to hear them.

    Thanks - and hope to see you on a club ride, eventually...

  • Road bikes are my thing but I would get the best you can afford.

    Buy cheap, buy twice. A false economy as you say; you can spend that money on kit, wheels, bike holidays.


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